The Team

Here’s who works with me, giving us passion, dedication and professionalism.



The passion for creativity has always accompanied me. At age four I start to mix ingredients so I can make my first cake! A few years later, I graduated in Law with the highest marks, then graduated in law professions, and in 2013 I became a lawyer, so I started my jurisdictional career! Never gave up, however, from that first cake, to cultivate my passions: I was dedicated to pastry, cake art, cake design, then experimenting with the organization of events for friends and family. I have always been attracted to everything that can be described as beautiful, elegant. Innovative, above all. In 2015, I met Sara D’Angelo, with whom I established an exciting feeling from now on. I had the opportunity to be part of her team and to be able to participate actively both in the design phase and in the execution of her work. Within the team I can now express all my creative interest, work for the customization, the exclusivity of the many accomplishments that go to compose a great event. Even taking advantage of the manual skills I find, as I said, from the tender age. Sara then defines me as her “web researcher”. And said by her, as a university researcher, I think it should make sense! Give me a cue, an idea, a desire about a material, a geometry, an optical effect, a material, or anything else-I’ll find a way to make it happen! Ordering it and making it come to the destination at a time, even if it comes directly from Mars. And if it did not exist yet, I realize it! And I start looking for components, thinking about the most ideal assembly, leaving the mark, that does not replicate anything that already exists.
I am happy to be part of this fantastic group, alongside a real professional, able to exalt and maximize the potential of those who surround it.



Graduated at the State Professional Institute for Commercial and Tourist Services, I am happily part of the Sara D’Angelo team since 2016.

In this way I realized my greatest aspiration: to work having fun! My strengths: ability to play (often winning!), tenacity, tirelessness, constant good humor. Sara says they are worthy of gold poured into our work. Especially in the most intense months, when it is necessary to persevere, keep concentration high, capitalize on the long work of the months before, and do so with exciting results! On the days of the events I’m next to Sara, I coordinate logistics, manage hostesses, overseeing all installations. For everything to be perfect, Sara’s plan is not violated in any of its parts, the bride and groom enjoy it.