Who I am

It is good to present yourself at the first meeting, the question is lawful! In fact, particularly welcome when implicitly posted by the person browsing this page.

Who I am?

The answer is far from trivial. I will do this: I will answer, trying not to delay not bore the reader, telling me only real things, fleeing the temptation of self-promotion at all costs.

So, here I am, Sara. The synthesis in three words? A lucky woman. I have a wonderful family, a job that amuses me.
I like to create, model, experiment. Ever since. Give life to something new, unique. That I like it and like it to others. Then share, design and realize something completely different, but still – if possible more than before – transmits emotions, suggestions to those who observe them.
Project major events – mostly weddings. Therefore, Am I a Wedding Planner? I read from the Dictionary “Wedding Planner: Who for the wedding organizes marriages, taking care of the spouses to handle all practical tasks.” No, I’m not that it!!! Maybe, then, can I call myself a Wedding Architect? Maybe, but I do not find the “official” definition!

The years of training

In short, I’m an architect who studied at Federico II University in Naples, Italy, with the enthusiasm of those who freely chooses to do something that she really likes. Chemistry Exams and Mathematical Analysis aside, obviously! We are in 2000, I graduate in the right time and with laude. Not satisfied, I continued my studies with the Ph.D., then as a university researcher, essentially dealing with restoration and security of the historic heritage. Beautiful and educational experience, made of exciting research projects, interaction with numerous students, teachers, collaborators, technicians. From each of them I learned something. We are in 2007.

The discovery of my true vocation

Then Nicola, who would become my husband, and to whom I had confessed to having attraction to the wedding world, told me a short course for aspiring wedding planners. Great, a good opportunity to have a good time too! We go, I follow the course and learn, learn, learn … little or nothing. Yeah, it’s okay. What do you want from a 3 day course?! But I want to go further, I feel I have to go a little way on this path, seemingly divergent with respect to the road that has been undertaken up to that moment. A stage of a couple of years, experiences, meetings with the protagonists of the field excellence in the field.

The beginnings and …

..and the first job opportunity comes: a wedding. Mine! We are in 2010. Pure fun. For me, my husband, for the guests.
Here, I understand: this path I enjoy, and so much.
And it’s not at all incompatible with my training, with my commitment to research and didactics, not at all! I find this as an added value, a fundamental tool for doing this new, exciting job! The architect – like the wp! – must read, interpret, but also stimulate customer desires and dreams. It has to help him invest in the best way, achieving the best result, the budget available, whatever it is. He has to propose new ideas, must know how to communicate, sketches and technical drawings in his hand. He has to interfere, with due humility, with artisans and industry operators, to learn, inspire, experiment, grow together. He must study, update. New materials, new technologies, new trends.

And I seem to do this work from a lifetime. To have even studied a life to do so.

It seems to me, and I’ll stop, that I have clearly gone too far.

Sara D'Angelo

Wedding Architect | Event Designer